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Helpful Tips

Treatex Hardwax Oils

1.Purer carrier (iso-parrafin) than other products.
2. Contains 3 waxes (instead of 1 or 2 as others do).
3. All products come from one base – HWO, i.e. Treatex polish is HWO diluted further with isoparrafin with slightly more wax.  Colours are the same but with added pigment.
4. For oily/dense timbers (and if required to speed drying time) dilute HWO with 10-15% isoparrafin (quantity added not critical).
5. Colours can be applied by brush, roller or cloth BUT excess must be removed (read instructions on care of used cloths).  If the excess is not removed it will take forever to dry.  Overcoat with 1 or 2 coats HWO.
6. Floor preparation.  Leave surface as open as possible, i.e. if possible, finish no higher than 100 grit on a Trio – this keeps the fibres of the timber open allowing good penetration of the finish.
7. To assist drying try to provide a gentle air flow – Treatex dries by oxidisation so this speeds up the drying process greatly.
8. First coat need not be totally dry before top coat is applied (you might find however that it is harder to apply a second coat, especially by brush.
9. It is possible to apply HWO using slow machine and a white or buff pad.
10. Maintenance. Refer to Treatex Floor Care (full details on can and in literature).  This is not a sales gimmick.  It really does contain oils and waxes and more importantly, NO DETERGENTS.  If they maintain the floor correctly it stays a good advert for you as well as getting you further business for cleaning products.  It is suitable for most surfaces, including lacquer.
11. Treatex is suitable for bathrooms, swimming pools, work-tops as well as other internal joinery.
12. Small repairs are done as per our instructions on the can and literature.
13. Applying a refresher coat.  Scrub the floor using Treatex refreshment cleaner using a red or white pad.  This will remove all grime and a small amount of wax.  Rinse clean with pure water (a small amount of white vinegar can be added if required).  Allow to dry thoroughly (at least 3 hours) and apply another coat of HWO.
14. Treatex Hardener.  Treatex have an additive that can be added to HWO to increase it’s surface hardness – this might only be used in commercial locations.

Treatex Hardwax Oil

1. Based on natural oils and waxes.

2. Environmentally friendly.

3. Requires only two coats, applied in one day. No sanding required between coats.

4. Designed for DIY and professional usage.

5. Fully cured within 36 hours.

6. Certified as hardest wearing Hardwax Oil on the market.

7. Tested to pass highest requirements (public buildings) for a floor finish in terms of durability – hardener can be added to improve this further and reduce drying time.

8. Can be recoated without need to fully sand off – simply lightle cut back and apply another coat.

9. Non-slip finish.

10. Easy to clean – simply wash with Treatex Floor Care which contains wax.

11. Can be polished with Treatex wax polish to maintain surface for use in commercial locations (slip resistance).

12. Certified anti-bacterial.

2 Pack Water-based Lacquer

1. Water based lacquer with 7% solvent.

2. Requires one primer coat plus two to three top coats with sanding in between first and second coat.

3. Generally only used by professionals, partly because of mid sanding requirements.

4. Fully cured within 36 hours.

5. Durability is higher than that required for highest usage in public buildings, shopping malls.

6. It is possible to cut surface and reapply a further coat although this is not easy. Lacquer is generally left to wear out then sanded right off and recoated.

7. Surface would be slightly more resistant to scratching than hard wax oil and require less maintenance however scratches cannot be removed.

8. The “look” or appearance of the surface slowly deteriorates over time as it wears and can’t be revived.

9. Easy clean – wash with suitable cleaner.

10. Can be professionally deep cleaned and re-coated in many cases, provided the surface is not worn through to the wood.

It is impossible to advise one product against the other. Both products have been tested against both international standards as well as the market leaders in both fields. Treatex Hardwax Oil is recognised as the hardest available. Both products will offer a high performance floor surface. However, no floor finishing product can be guaranteed against all situations and circumstances.